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You Are Here #9

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 1:26 PM
*19.03*1* by getested VI by MelissaNatasha One Day by Ptite-lu
Pylon by Megalithicmatt untitled transfer II by thesadstork Passenger by JeremyBrotherton
Post Card From Nature No9590 by DigiPainteR our dreams of death / love by AlicjaRodzik Hypnosis by MarioDellagiovanna
March 22 and 23, Box Camera Day by ACBusse Tilandsia by FennecFoxen Papers and Packages by jierumi
Untitled by Izaaaaa Brick-by-Brick by sycamores-and-cedars Kitty by motagirl2
Instant-film-texture-100 by Evil-e33 Clouded Black Bird (Three Trees) by SethFitts My moon and your sun by AiniTolonen
Skeleton Undead Reanimated Damned Warrior For Ever by MushroomBrain Immanent Trine by AegisAvantGarde Nymph I by PellucidMind
In line on the old tree by Xenaris reflection by aerendial recipe for meditation beginners by tanja1983
Storm: Tintype by xXCold-FireXx Ambrotype Dead Flowers by DustinPanzino IMAGO MORTIS by mistertrece
fall by mynamehasbeenstolen Strange Attractor by offermoord Red Apple Angel by katworks-paints
vdb2 by analogphoto XI by MelissaNatasha 04172014-03 by boozlebub
Polaroid - Nora by Lkt95 splitting hairs by Picture-Bandit didgeridoo by color-film

You Are Here #8

Tue Mar 18, 2014, 2:51 PM

You Are Here # 7

Mon Feb 17, 2014, 4:49 PM

You Are Here # 6

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 9:54 AM
Still Illumination by solefield Apocalypse by MATZU where are we? by catorb
Shake it up by Norrington1 Spirit Animal: Reach by SethFitts .window by MonPhoto
open border by andrewpershin nine by catorb window by Valentin-e-Winter
shadow play by scheinbar Remember the Fall by IndigoSummerr Summer thoughts. by incredi
The Rainbow Bud. by dragonfly-oli Plus by KizukiTamura Fantosa by a14onymus
Tilt Parallel by sycamores-and-cedars Bitches by Izaaaaa This is blood by siamesesam
The skeleton tree by freMDartet feeling helplessness by scheinbar At A Crawl by DpressedSoul
Wood by Markus43  My dog x 5 by MySweetDarkness  Sunset on the Lake by Markus43
Birds IV by FrodoK  love by m-vladimir  Magic Birds III by FrodoK
gre*n by ejrotsih  Dragon Spider. by HeatherSchoff  Nikon F90X - Superia 200 by Valentin-e-Winter
21450003 by ejrotsih  I feel fantastic by katworks-paints  Fog and work by SerBoosta
A Hushed Whisper by jierumi  Untitled by Alyanna9  Smoker by Alyanna9

You Are Here # 5

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 6, 2014, 6:49 PM
Kaunissaari 3 by Kuunsilta Nikon F90X - Superia 200 - cross by Valentin-e-Winter Frost Of The Morning Sun by Vividlens
For I Promote Oblivion by Andaelentari Shades Of Possibility by RockstarVanity Window Sill by sycamores-and-cedars
Broken by albertopoloianez november afternoon by BlauBeerKuchen Anamorphose horizontale by siamesesam
Amaryllis by freMDartet Infected by M-Art-Artist Prima Materia by vonsac 
Twonnel by Loucos Untitled by jonniedee allegory of the cave II by Izaaaaa
All the Madmen by Andaelentari Untitled by JakezDaniel communion* by AlicjaRodzik
Narcissus by Misgaeroten Secret Garden: Part Two VI by SlevinAaron Ghost of Natalia Bogdanowicz (1) by slima
Nature in Human by amandajackson Merry Merry by katworks

You Are Here # 4

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 10:14 AM

LP reflections by PasoLibre 030-001 by Anticherry It's A Long Walk To Freedom by DpressedSoul
all cats are grey by kikiKrawall Herbsttag by BlauBeerKuchen Melancholy. by dragonfly-oli
To catch a dream III by Izaaaaa Milky Way by Izaaaaa To catch a dream by Izaaaaa
Harpy's Winter Song by Metal-Bender N=X+3 by getested BLUNTED AFFECT by menervaTau
6528a by Mcdbrd murmurs of pleasures..and pains.. and wrongs by AlicjaRodzik Hedgehog (Evening Glow) by SethFitts
North Clark by jonniedee Snowed In by jonniedee Foster Vintage by jonniedee
Train To The Sun by Vividlens c i: II by passingbird acid by ejrotsih
Motherboard by siamesesam Not A Victory Dance by Markus43 La Foret XVI by siamesesam
shadow.puppeteer by aerendial drip by sinerei Pinturas by ClaudiaMorais
seasonal.change by sarah-marley stairway by lengyel13 AbstractImages-17 by nikfee


:bademoticon: in loving memory of Munki :bademoticon: 

July 15th 2004 ~ November 26th 2013

200805 100961716580512 2453296 N by JillAuville
bye, bye 

You Are Here # 3

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 10:09 PM
The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World 6 by Imile an inaccurate mirror effect by scheinbar Lost in the Woods by LashelleValentine

The Little Dilemmas by Markus43 Sunset boats by m-eralp c i: I by passingbird

Black Lake, Louisiana by EmileeSelf Clearly Seen by solefield Water everywhere by MATZU

Small Moon by Nigel-Kell the menace by anjourekloos Exa 1c + Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm + Agfa APX 100 by Valentin-e-Winter

White Bird Eight Bird by SethFitts ostrich by andrewpershin How To Transform by katworks-paints

Numb by Isalovesphotography and then time stopped by analogphoto Untitled by Izaaaaa

Fliegenversammlung by feigenfrucht Solarigraphy 6 by macwozni Quiet Descension by Markus43

Antlers ::: by katworks NoName545 by Snobas

You Are Here # 2

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 17, 2013, 10:53 AM
Student life. by zitkoivana Gum Bichromate Botanical Triptic by DustinPanzino Autumn Dream. by HeatherSchoff
to extend to include by andrewpershin Hover Bird  (blue and green and with 13) by SethFitts NoName540 by Snobas 
Cali sits for a formal portrait by myrnajacobs 01810004 by PandoraZeiss Fishing by rabbit888
  Hidden within the Flowers by EmilySoto 11. Dibuixar l'espai by motagirl2 
 omen by incolorwetrust Numero Un by siamesesam Flames Of The Wind by KizukiTamura
Eternity by solefield 3 triangles on Atlantic shore by tanja1983 Scars by m0thwine
no.248 - I Give It All by mjranum I am lost by lomatic To be a kid by Evil-e33
On the Edge of Forever by jierumi The Dawn Comes Quiet by Vividlens waterlilies by katworks
ABC10 by Izaaaaa Music Maker by Markus43
Fish by PellucidMind Cotton Propaganda by katworks-paints

Design by andokadesbois

You Are Here #1

Mon Nov 4, 2013, 10:50 PM

Aeuriss by FrodoK The Babe Tree by katworks-paints Markhor AB by Izaaaaa Balloon Tree by JBabeczka
in bester erinnerung III by BuChWien . by nevermade Week-41-3-mercredi-190613 by siamesesam
<da:thumb id="411466943"/> l'incision by VisitingFahrrad a fine line by BlauBeerKuchen
Graffiti Double Exposure by newjuventud 2. Dani in the sea by motagirl2 Surge by lucid-dion
Black Bird, Night Bird by SethFitts Geraniums by sycamores-and-cedars Mystical Machine by FrodoK
Neighbors by Yair-Leibovich french kiss by Yair-Leibovich The Color Run Perth by tanyavolt

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point is love
 :spotlight-left: HELP! :spotlight-right:
My premium membership ran out a while ago.
Contrary to popular belief, having a a large amount of watchers or pageviews does not give you a free membership or extra points.
I have to pay for a premium membership just like everybody else, as I have been doing for the past 9 years.
But all I have is 309 points and I need at the very least 396 to get a 1 month subscription (my goal is a 12 month sub, I will however settle for less).
I hate having to ask for point donations like this, but I see no other way Comfort PLZ - Smileys 
it would be cool of dA to slap the "til hell freezes over" membership to long term premium members like myself... but I think hell WILL actually freeze over before that happens.Cutie Thumbs Down 
Even donating one (1) point will help me, and each person who donates will be royally thanked  Fancy Dance PLZ All hail king dummy
Thanks in advance Raising Hat Emoticon Smiley Rose Emoticon 

I joined dA in October 2004 and became a premium member right away.
The premium membership was probably called something else back then, who the hell remembers that far back.... it's been almost 9 years.
It ran out today.
My premium membership.
These ads hurt my brain.


# 237

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 8:56 AM
Up by mutanteyeball  winter wonder wall by BlauBeerKuchen  The Red Coat by sycamores-and-cedars

People Go Around Wasting Days And Weeks And Years. by sarto-jr  Persephone's Dream by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS  <da:thumb id="356800809"/>

* by agatafotografia   Blind my eyes, and my mind by Epytafe  merging shadows by Izaaaaa

^ by nevermade  Value by solefield  JillyPantsVille by Evil-e33

1 by izzy68  Home Is Neither Here Nor There by DpressedSoul  Falling by Markus43

Lost In A Dead World With Broken Wings by ZewarPhotography  some things you will never know by BlauBeerKuchen  the southbound high roller by dajono

Midnight Cowboy by Evil-e33  Mirrored Pool of Thought ID by DpressedSoul  This Corrosion by Lady-Twiglet

Depth psychology by jarofcherryjam  Duo by birgzett  Change by vonsac

g.p.12 by Hypnogen  A by andrewpershin  Blinding skies* by AlicjaRodzik
Not Afraid by katworks-paints   Boom Boom by katworks-paints

Process of Being by SethFitts  The Beautification of Isolation by justanothersomeone  le vase by partiallyHere


# 236

Mon Jan 28, 2013, 7:50 PM

transgression [] by andrewpershin  Firework with a ligh leak. by yagahara  The Light Is Getting Dark by Vividlens    

Indian Blanket by DalkiPanda  Lomography Rules - 6 by slumbrous  Nights And Days by AlicjaRodzik

Up by Vividlens  'Shrooms by craze4ble  forest by tsigane

Lazy Days of Summer by Vividlight  Thistles by jierumi  end of the day by slatkatajna

Forgive and Forget by Beach-Patrol  Trolls in the hood by hell-on-a-stick  9 performances ::: by aopan

Nigra pestilentia by AndreaMelendez  The dream is gone. by popp2  Tres by albertopoloianez

PRINT gum dichromate 013 by charlesguerin  Galactic Edge by graviloquence  The Elements by sycamores-and-cedars

  | by nevermade  

Damaged by TheNewBlueBlood  Matchbox pinhole camera II by june-june  9. Dezember 2012 III by Filterkaffee

instax pinhole_8 by TheHazir              fille a la croix by SomarM              Holga : Untold Story by yoenizme

Keeper of a Memory No.2 by SethFitts                         half by gombloh75                      10198 by confidencecollapsed

Korean wedding doll - girl by Reichenbach                   The Dragon by JakezDaniel                   Revision by DocSonian

Dorine by Mcdbrd                 Black Bird Watercolour IV by shmeeden                 Bubblegum Ghost ::: by katworks-paints

Lumen Print No. 3 by AmorVerdadero1415              13 appearances of a rose by edredon              Steal Life 2 by getested

No Par by jierumi           The Wild Wide West (2012) by cimotana           paranoia by jierumi

Please help me raise money for my toy fox terrier's knee surgery :please:

Click on the thumb above for info on how to help... much appreciated :aww:

:love: oh and this!!! :love:

Joy by Evil-e33

# 235

Thu Jan 17, 2013, 7:45 PM
look, before its over. by confidencecollapsed Tw by andrewpershin A Day At The Beach by Vividlight
Babel by lien Back in the Summer by yagahara oleandry by violent-stranger
Welcome Home by Vividlight Fire by Hilalnurokur autumn by yeahitsmeagain
Valley by Vividlens 05:00 AM by geonebieridze Foresight by Zeal-GJP\
danger of death by TheNewBlueBlood kiedys chciala zjednoczyc sie z drzewem by jarofcherryjam 1178 - DeNaturaRerum by Pecuchet
To watch you leaving by popp2 lonely by sternenfern The darkness is coming by popp2
anon by davespertine Reflections by CorsoDomenic S by DerPavlo
Heavy Rain by DasGhul RedToDarkness by M-Art-Artist somewhere only we know by byebyebeautifool
Let me talk to your supervisor 1 by siamesesam walk through walls by Izaaaaa Late Night Storefront by sycamores-and-cedars     
Not a Cat by Evil-e33     Watcher II by PellucidMind    Hooded vulture by 00Tiger00
Higher than you by ErikEK      Blue by Rontarija     Smoked Salmon by LindaRHerzog
Pigeon on a tree trunk by krynia       new optics by HelloKimmy13        Portrait of a small Rook by krynia
Nesting Bird #2 by SethFitts      Ostrich Dismorphia by myrnajacobs      Little Spiritbird, Red Face by SethFitts
Creating yourself by Stewdog            Untitled: Cloaked Figure by SethFitts           Summoner by Stewdog
The Christening by katworks-paints      light 759 by ogredof     Orange delight. by confidencecollapsed
Appt. 1273 #23 by colthsivers     Lamp Polaroid by ziw-monster      vxczczcvxsdfdcz by xristospn
The Wild Wide West (2012) by cimotana She Past Away by BornToDecay Aurora by jierumi
The Wild Wide West (2012) by cimotana The Lake Never Gives Up Her Dead by jierumi The Wild Wide West (2012) by cimotana
Corner by MidnightNeedles        Snow on the Tree by coffeenoir        Chicago LIII by DanielJButler

Please help me raise money for my toy fox terrier's knee surgery :please:

Click on the link for info on how to and where to go... much appreciated 


Please Help Ghani's Knees

Tue Jan 8, 2013, 9:27 PM

Please help Ghani's knees | Promote Your Page Too

Ghani is my 8 year old toy fox terrier.
She has been diagnosed with luxating patella on both knees, grade 3 and 4 (both require surgery).
Each surgery is $1,600, and her first is scheduled for January 28th.
Due to the rehabilitation process being so long (around 4 months), her second surgery will not be until the end of the year.
I have a total of $3,200 to raise before the end of the year, and about 3 weeks to raise the $1,600 needed for the first surgery on the 28th.
I am desperate, and so is Ghani... we really need your help!
Please donate any amount (every single penny counts!) to may Paypal account so Ghani can have this much needed surgery.
Luxating patella (aka trick knee, or floating knee) is a condition where the kneecap dislocates.
Ghani's luxating patella is severe, and her grade 4 knee has dislocated permanently and can only be put back in place by surgery (using screws, they tell me :fear:).
Here is some info on Ghani's condition:
Luxating Patella
Please donate something, ANYTHING! we will be forever grateful ♥
Send Money Online
My email for Paypal:

Cocooned by JillAuville

Please help Ghani's knees | Promote Your Page Too

# 234

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 6:54 PM

# 233

Sun Dec 9, 2012, 8:09 PM
Vriezenveen by Jantinus <da:thumb id="337790066"/> the beginning or the end by LILYQIAN

Abstrat by michigane monologue by AlicjaRodzik The long way home by JakezDaniel

Bloom11 by siamesesam escape by ra-gro vision of the crime ::: by katworks

<da:thumb id="341499266"/> Castelejo I by TheNewBlueBlood Nostalgia by DasGhul

double sprocket_14 by pekipeki60minutes Bushland by Megalithicmatt .CV01. by dasTOK

-Inside my heart- by Janek-Sedlar Red Liliy by sycamores-and-cedars Sharktopus by Vomelette

BCN Lomo . by AnneSoLand memories of spring II by PatriciaD Sunset in my garden. by incredi

at the end of your dreams. by bogurtec <da:thumb id="335064626"/> Lord Bobbington by Lady-Twiglet fog by NanaOsaka

Try it bleach by cameraflou Portrait of selves by Monster0id Seven Bee by SethFitts Book of Eli by yagahara

lost in the woods by foxG 70470010 by photobike flowers and coin by InjectedSmiles Untitled by Izaaaaa

secret garden by analogphoto 58720017 by pasiasty *** by getested Agoraphobia by LemonLemonLemon

Double Flower by Robin-Bervini IMPOSSIBLE: Patterns by callsign-oldman 

My Les Paul by TheStPierre Singles by jierumi

# 232

Thu Nov 22, 2012, 1:46 PM
the se(cond attention                  ) by andrewpershin Autumn Poetry by AlicjaRodzik Autumn by Rommi3

finnish market by violent-stranger nur gulec by eksvayzet Darwin's Cathedral by TheNewBlueBlood

Party by tiganusi cry out loud by scheinbar Urban Abstraction #14 by DpressedSoul

light petting by lightdrafter Sanctuary by Poromaa elegy with two parts missing by BlauBeerKuchen

Vision by vonsac Autumn pyramids 2 by gndrfck The Curved Branch by sycamores-and-cedars

<da:thumb id="333877958"/> Untitled by JakezDaniel   

Tea Stained Cat by SethFitts Blue Verdure by PellucidMind footish by pachuli2008 Side by Side. by confidencecollapsed

Miss Rabbit Leaving by CocoCibelle Pianoforte by graviloquence contemplation by farbanomalie as i lay dying... by jierumi


Sat Nov 10, 2012, 5:31 PM

 it's autumn, little bear III by AlicjaRodzik the second atte(ntion    ) by andrewpershin Matters by solefield 

Red Light by violent-stranger The Canal Grande by sjmanzur POW by drtongs  
Time Travel - Mad World by DomyBlue three by slumbrous S U N S T R O K E by aerendial
Scandinavian Love by nostalgiaplatz Nov 11th 2012 16h12 by sarto-jr Antifaz by albertopoloianez

Reflected Palm by TheNewBlueBlood 00211 by otum highway to hell by digitalchrome

Counter Beliefs by MaddLouise Earth by niavaah Fracture by DYslexiC-photo

Day of the Crow by Markus43 conditions by hclay uncertain way by indojo

Light is my church by LukasSowada white gauze (for robert mapplethorpe) by katworks Moi by King-Mob

Winter is Coming by jierumi grintweg02 by Jantinus 241012 17:31 by encorine st p c by HaruNiji

Spell Of The Golden Ibis by PellucidMind There Goes The Sun by shinigamisgem Remember When by x9mmxtragedyx Owl and Jack O Lantern by SethFitts

hazed by yanbanan The Saint by myrnajacobs double take by Lady-Twiglet forest tales i by farbanomalie

Feijoa by getested multiple by Informel vase and seed pod by Mayfair710 iPhoneography,   XXX by Gerald-Bostock

Jill Auville on:

Feature #230

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 12:13 PM
Transgression by Disfigurator abandoned house glass by newjuventud r wl by HaruNiji
 Negatives by PeppermintPictures <da:thumb id="295546579"/> Red X by Lomo440

- by nevermade  <da:thumb id="333949964"/>

Untitled by Markus43 concrete love by VladieMary Monster, 16 Hours Old by Lady-Twiglet

nuu by DancingwithDeers Tatry by una-clover 00199 by otum

Mr. Wenger Taught Us How To Sit Right by sarto-jr What's Left of the Impossible World by DpressedSoul 1209 - Kanaan by Pecuchet

in a beam by VladieMary Walking by JakezDaniel leaf by 7Redhotz

to hit off a fault by andrewpershin Superposition by pinkapple04 The Perfect Moment II by jonniedee

0049 by punktzbiegu Cadiz by buhoazul <da:thumb id="326343621"/>

Time-Lapse by GeminiArtNStock watching the world burn by jierumi White Orchids In A Golden Haze by sycamores-and-cedars

confrontation by farbanomalie Nougat polaroid version by MySweetDarkness New Mornings by un-earthed

Metropolis, 1978 by jierumi Have A Cigar by Vividlens between us only glass.. by yeahitsmeagain

My latest book Instant Stains is now available on Blurb.

The book features instant photography using Polaroid and Kodak cameras on integral film from The Impossible Project and Polaroid.

The book comes in a small square format, has over 190 images spread out on 160 pages, and it is also available as an ebook.

Softcover edition is $44.04 + shipping, hardcover dust jacket $60.14 + shipping.

The ebook is $5.99

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